Below is a list of comments from previous clients of Mountain Design.

"We are delighted with our new kitchen, designed and installed by Yves. As part of our renovation we doubled the size and completely replaced the existing kitchen area. We wanted a high quality finish and complete blending with the existing interior. We found Yves's design, innovative touches and thoughtfulness on aspects we would not have considered, to be excellent. He also sourced a wonderful block of wood for our island matching our interior. We were not present in Canada during the renovation and found dealing with Yves long distance to be very easy and that we could totally trust his judgment and execution."

Saskia and Brad Orgill
Sydney, NSW, Australia

In January of 2008 we contracted with Yves Wenger, owner of Mountain Design, Inc. to do a complete renovation of the kitchen of our townhome at Stoneridge in Whistler. The project involved the replacement of all cabinets, counters, flooring, ceiling, lighting, plumbing fixtures and appliances excluding the dishwasher. In addition, heated stone flooring was installed in the entry area and a below deck storage area enclosed. Working with Yves and his subcontractors we had selected almost all of the materials and fixtures before the start of the work. We agreed on a timetable of two months during which we did not intend to use our unit. Yves gave us a schedule of the activities that would go on during that period. We arranged for the transfer of funds for Yves to draw on during the process as we planned to be out of the country for part of the time while the work was going on. We did not visit or see the premises from the time the work started on about April 28 until we moved back in on July 6. On our return we found that the overall appearance and the quality of the workmanship exceeded our expectations and met all of the objectives we had for the project. The work was completed on time and at a cost below the budgeted estimate. We especially noted the care that had been taken to protect areas not involved in the project as well as the thoroughness of the cleanup. Both before and during the course of the project Yves was diligent in contacting us by e-mail when questions came up or choices presented themselves in materials or fixtures. In these situations he showed an ability to meet the quality level we desired while being sensitive to cost saving opportunities. He also took the initiative to point out and with our consent make needed improvements and repairs to our property that we had not been aware of. His periodic invoices were complete and in sufficient detail. Throughout the entire process we were struck both by Yves’ pride in his work and that he treated our project as though it was his own home.
In summary we would give our unqualified recommendation of Yves Wenger to anyone considering working with him on a similar project.

Peter and Jane Barrett
Bellevue, WA, USA